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CMP Initiative

S.N Initiative Class and Subject Learning objective initially envisaged Learning objective realized or not Name of the Teacher in-charge along with designation
1 Resource cum activity room well equipped with almost all the facilities like DVD player TV, Tap recorder, Educational CDs,WhiteBoard,C.markersetc are used properly. I-V for all Subjects. For all shorts of Teaching learning Activities under CMP. Yes Mr. Vishal Sharma,PRT
2 Proper planning and framing of TIME TABLE as per KVS guide lines (such as block pds CCA pds, Lib. Pds and other skill developing classes) is followed properly. I-V for all scholastic and Non scholastic subjects For giving proper scope to develop the potentialities Yes Mr. Vishal Sharma (PRT).All Primary teachers
3 CCA-Conduction as per planning. Each and every child takes part in different CCA programmes. More and more incentives are given.(The programmes are calligraphy(Eng and Hindi),Solo Song,Eng.poem comp(Recitation) Hindi poem comp(recitation), Drawing comp., fancy dress. I-V on different items/subjects To develop Life Skill Activities like-self confidence, self-esteem, creative talents, responsibilities, Culture, etc. Yes Mr. Stender Singh (PRT). All Primary teachers
4 Class-libraries are set up with the good collection of children’s books I-V on different items/ Subjects and Topics To inculcate reading habit, knowledge, Good habits and information. Yes All Primary teachers
5 Beatification:-Cleanliness, Organization and maintenance of classroom, gardening/ Plantation,Decorations of display boards etc are taken care. I-V on different/ Topics/ Subjects For-(a)Proper teaching learning atmosphere. (b)Love and care for nature. (C)Good Habits. Yes All the Primary Teachers
6 Health & Hygiene- Proper medical health check up is to be done by the medical expert. Intimation to the parents are given in some cases where the health problem is detected. I-V Health check up( health and hygiene) Personal cleanliness, hygiene and good health and habits. Under process Principal and All Primary Teachers
7 Excursion and field trips- Keeping in view the educative value of the field trip the children to be taken to near by garden area, post office, health center, bank and to local shops in near by places III-V Excursion and field trip. To visualize the beauty of nature, process of bank, medical and post office functioning, then to acquaint with the process of marketing/selling along with measuring weights in the shops. Yes All Primary Teachers
8 Film show/educational CDs- Based on language Maths, environment, stories(fairy tells) legends of India(mythological) are conducted every week. I-V On different subjects & topics For moral teaching to know the cultures and to develop different skills through a joyful atmosphere Yes All the primary teachers.
9 Celebration of national festival on 15th August I-V National festival of India Love and respect for motherland, honour and remembering the great men of India Yes Principal and Staff
10 Safety and security of the children- Proper escorting for assembly, keeping watch during break time (according to duty allotted), etc Is done properly. No child is allowed to leave the Vidyalaya with out proper permission. Proper escorting in case of emergency to hospital is given. No child is allowed to meet any outsider to purchase any food items from the local vendor.Apart from the above the telephone numbers of each child is recorded and information given to the parents as an when required. I-V Safety and Moral teaching. To prevent accident and to keep them safe and secure. Yes Principal And All the Primary teachers
11 Reducing the burden of the children as per NCF-2005- Books and notebooks of class I and II will be kept in the classroom cupboards under lock and key. I-II To reduce the burden A burden free education and physical safety of the children. Yet to achieve All the primary teachers
12 NO physical punishment to the children- It is taken care of very seriously. I-V For prevention of psychological trauma. Yes Principal and All the class Teachers.
13 Regular computer classes conduction III-V computer For application, information, Etc. Yes, realized but practical classes are yet to start. Ms. Soni Singh (comp. Teacher) All primary Teachers
14 Parent’s teachers meeting-monthly meeting is conducted- a free and smooth atmosphere is provided for interaction between parents and teachers. I-V for all aspects of the children For qualitative improvement & all round development of the children. Patents-Teachers joints efforts helps to grow the personality of the children. Yes Principal and All Primary teachers
15 Class Room Supervision is done regularly as per CMP guideline. The teachers observed by the Principal. Proper guidance is given to the teachers as and when it is required. I-V For all shorts of functioning of Vidyalaya and all scholastic or non scholastic subjects. For smooth functioning of the Vidyalaya, regular supervision, evalution of diaries and activity sheets, use of TLM, Notebookes checking are done formally or informally. Yes Principal
16 Worksheet-The system of worksheet is working smoothly. Worksheets are designed by the teachers including the variety of activity/questions beyond the Text book and Text book related. I-V for evolution & Progress For Evaluation Progress and CCE (Class I &II) Yes All the Primary Teachers
17 CMP-News latter of KV NIT Will be published focusing different write up, creative works, drawing-painting, photographs, and other works of the vidyalaya. I-V for all subject/topics (scholastic and non-scholastic subjects) The focus on the creative and innovative skills of the children, teachers and other activities of the vidyalaya to highlight along with the photographs of different activities Yet
to achieve
Principal and All Primary Teachers